9 July 2017

Inadequate Supervision (Section 165, National Law): CEO of the Department of Local Government and Communities, Mission Australia Early Learning

This is another case where the West Australian State Administrative Tribunal (WASAT) made an order which gave effect to the terms of settlement in relation to a matter brought before the tribunal by the WA Regulator under the National Law (Department of Local Government and Communities).

This case concerned contravention of of section 165, National Law, in that the approved provider failed to ensure that all children being educated and cared for by the service were adequately supervised at all times. In this case, a penalty of $9,500 and legal costs of $2,000, were imposed on the approved provider (Mission Australia Early Learning). The case concerned the approved provider's service at Warnbro. In October 2016, a five year old child with additional needs left the premises unnoticed and unaccompanied. A member of the public advised the service that a child had crossed a road and staff located the child. Further details of the circumstances and remedial action taken is detailed in the Statement of Agreed Facts attached to the decision.

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